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Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Fri Jul 7 22:31:54 PDT 2000


Ok before i start talking about Package Management, i think we should still
consider at first that ALFS should *just* do LFS right now.
The Profile system is very versitile, in that it would be easy to add a
package management later on.

I don't see why ALFS should use an RPM/DEB packaging system quite yet.
I find that whenever i do an LFS install now, i just keep track of which
files were installed with easy package.
It would be fairly trivial to create an RPM or DEB database once the install
is done, and the profile's have dependencies listed.

The way Bryan and myself were thinking about the profile system is not only
using them for installation of the system, but if need be, per package.
Those profile's could be converted to an RPM/DEB/tgz/whatever.
Which is basiclly a package management system.
Allthought i keep hearing everyone shouting about RPM, some are using LSB as
an excuse, i just don't see why ALFS should limit itself to using one
packaging system when you could (as an option) create a database later on
and create binary packages for backup, etc...

>I don't have FreeBSD but I do have OpenBSD (version 4.2 I think)
>somewhere which I've never installed. Perhaps I should install it and
>see what's going on there. Or is OpenBSD totally different than FreeBSD
>(I'm not familiar with any BSD flavour for that matter)

OpenBSD is at 2.7 right now, got to pick up a copy actually...
I have no idea how FreeBSD works, mind explaning it though?
i would take a look but i'm a bit busy right now :(

Dunno...this was more of me rambling ;)
But lets get talking about this, i know Bryan is working on a Perl Compiler
right now with an LFS profile, and i was just about to start on
communication between easy tool.

So lets hear something before we regret it.

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - tie at - highos at

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