Some thoughts on automation

Jeffery McLean jeffery at
Wed Jul 19 05:56:42 PDT 2000

Some thoughts on an automated Linux install

I myself have wanted to do this for years but never really knew enough about
Linux to do it. I was hoping to learn enough from LFS to do this.

I thought I'd share my ideas so you can take what you like
leave the rest and then I can use that as the basis for doing what I want
(unless you do everything I wanted to do.. thats ok.. just not quite expected)

My plan... A Linux that may be installed vea browser from Windows/IE

Windows/IE automaticly runs downloaded Windows binarys...
this is usually install pacages to install programs etc...

So the first stage is a Windows installation program...

It should be a short program that asks a few questions so it knows
what to install... a LOT of questions like "Do you want PERL?"
"Do You want.." "Do you want..." etc etc etc...
Basicly a list of optional programs and the user picks what he/she wants.

The program downloads a program that shuts down Windows and boots
Linux (I forget what it's called... Like LinuxLoader95 maybe.. don't know)
Then load a disk image... run the loader...

Disk image boots loads into ram as a ram disk (Like LoopLinux formerly known
as DosLinux) reads Network config and hardware config from Windows into
ram... and the data file generated by the installer...

fdisk..... mkfs   back up everything to new file system...
change a few things on FS (so it dosn't do this again)
like erase the script that dose all this :)

now download source code as nessisary from a stored data matrix
This would be a database file located on the LFS website
(If I did it the file would be on MY website)
this contains the latest installation procedure for vital and
optional software making the whole process painless and automatic.

While each code is being installed download the source for the next
thing to installl.

run tests to be sure everything is ok...
clean up...

I'm pritty sure you are not gona want to do all this...
so much the better for me :)

Next... and this is left for some script kiddy to pull becouse I'm not
doing it....

The install Linux E-mail virus....
shouldn't be to hard to code that once everything else is in place...

The problem is I don't have much of a procedure for preserving
data from Windows so the virus would still take down servers...

But it would also give Linux a bad name...
so I'd hope they'd use Lunix instead..... it's smaller... and could use
the press.... (People get it confused with Linux all the time)
-- Doing the impossible daily
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