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Tue Jul 25 13:01:24 PDT 2000


>I was under the false impression that the lsb spec was strictly an ALFS

Well... i know Gerard would love to make LFS as LSB compliant as possible,
so anything you do find that isn't up to specs post to lfs-discuss and let
the list know.

The project is fairly light, as almost all discussions have gone on #LFS and
not the mailing list :(

Been meaning to post anyways so here's a TODO list, these are mere
requests though:

   * Bootable i386 LFS cd
       - Jesse, there's a static and dynamic i386 build done,
         I just now have to figure out howto make a bootable cd,
         etc... (Pointers anyone?)

   * -
       - Paul, will get around to it, no rush

   * lfs-compiler/Parser
        - Bryan, almost has a working copy.

   * Writting out an xmlprofile of 2.3.6
        - Bryan, doesn't really matter untill we have a working parser.

   * CVS server
        - Bryan/Jesse, I'm playing with one on my server right now,
          Should have a CVS server setup inside of a week.

        - We had a deadline set (three-two days now?) that we were going
          update the API and repost it here.

Were doing the basics now, the first profile we will do will be LFS, we want
to create and LSB one also, but that's for later, as profiles will be easy
as pie to write, using the XML profile ;^)

Don't expect too much thou right now; I have to move out of this office,
Gerards get his immagration done today (Claps, Yay!) and Bryans got a bit of
work to take care off (hey buz doesn't run itself ;)

Anyways, this is just me rambling...

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