Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Fri Sep 8 08:44:04 PDT 2000

Hi all,

	I've been trying to think what form the documentation should take.  At a
minimum it will discribe how to use the ALFS "system."  As I see it, three
chapters could support the minimum.  The first would be a chapter describing
the front end, describing basic use of the interface, hot keys, commands,
the order in whch things happen, etc... The second, a (long?) chapter on the
profile system, could be split into 2 sub-chapters.  One would go into the
"base" profile that comes with the system, describing what it gives you at
the end, what the profiler does with the profile, and maybe things that
often get changed by the user.  The second part would be a reference on the
sytatctical details of writing a profile, and hints as to how to write a
profile "from scratch" (tm).  The third chapter would cover the compiler or
"Back-end" of the system.

	There is also, of course, the obligatory credits section, and a suggested
reading and where to find out more section.  Additionaly, sections could be
added, covering: History, or where did this come from, standards the system
follows, primers on XML, and troubleshooting, including basics of the
complilation process with hints as to possible causes of some of the error
messages that can crop up.

	I'm probably missing some things.  Feedback is always appreciated!  :)

~Jason    (BTW I'm flake on #LFS)

| Jason at tommyk.com |

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