DocBook explanation tomorrow

Jason Gurtz jason at
Sun Sep 10 20:34:36 PDT 2000

    Ahh,  thank god;  I had offered to watch a friends house for them this
WE and the next few days while him and his wife take a sailing trip.
Wouldn't you know it was raining, so they took off a day and half late.
Needless to say,  I was occupied being a house guest, and away from the net
until this afternoon.  I have RH-6.2 box up all ready and am in LFS-2.4
static compile mode.  Unfortunatly am stuck with slow (24000 and <) net

    I typed up about 3 pages of notes to go along with the LFS presentation
tomarrow.  Hopefully, those'll be the first thing I port over to DocBook!


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> Yeah, Bev and I went to the movies tonight so that took away the time I
> schedules to write out that email how I installed the DocBook parsing
> environment. I'll write it up tomorrow.
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> Gerard Beekmans
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