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David D.W. Downey david.downey at
Fri Sep 1 00:21:09 PDT 2000

One phrase why RPM should be avoided...

Can't do a dang thing right with dependancies!

Alternate choice: Debian's dpkg! Now THERE is a package manager that knows
how to do things right!

On 31 Aug 2000, scott thomason wrote:

> I'm all for creating "a better make" specifically for the purposes of
> building packages. Yes, a makefile can do anything, but it isn't the
> fastest way to capture the essence of building a package. I dislike
>'s not straightforward & obvious enough.
> That said, could someone enumerate the reasons why RPM or APT aren't
> considered? I know they won't work for the static build phase...what
> are the specific advantages this new alternative provides? If this
> has been discussed before, how about a link?
> ---scott

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