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I sometimes forget the danger of throwing too many features at an initial
release, and as a person in professional software development, I should know

On the other hand, it is valuable to keep everything in mind, and propose an
architecture that supports all the "future" features, so that they can be
easily added as people have the time.

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> Okay, enough thoughts for now...

It all sounds good and I'm sure we all agree on all of it (at least I do). 
There are a lot of things that this tool need to be able to do, but I also 
think it's too much asked that the first release of the tool can do all

I myself believe in gradually expanding. If you wait till all those features

and options are coded it can take up to a year before 0.1 is released. I 
rather go with: start with something that works and does the basics. Not
detection of changes being made and so forth. Then we have at least
that works. Then we can expand to it. Add features and options that are most

important. Test those before going on to the next feature.

I do like the stuff that has been proposed. Real valuable information. We'll

have a monster tool waiting to be coded. 

Gerard Beekmans

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