more on required packages

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Mon Sep 4 02:41:04 PDT 2000

+-Jesse Tie Ten Quee-(highos at[02.09.00 12:55]:
> > -- Support your government, give Echelon / Carnivore something to parse --
> > classfield  top-secret government  restricted data information project CIA
> > KGB GRU DISA  DoD  defense  systems  military  systems spy steal terrorist
> > Allah Natasha  Gregori destroy destruct attack  democracy will send Russia
> > bank system compromise international  own  rule the world ATSC RTEM warmod
> > ATMD force power enforce  sensitive  directorate  TSP NSTD ORD DD2-N AMTAS
> > STRAP warrior-T presidental  elections  policital foreign embassy takeover
> > --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> No Comment...

We from Chaos Computer Club did that quite a long time ago - this will
not work, I think. as the echolon / carnivore - parser will be much more
intelligent then you think you need to include "complete sentences" to
trigger it :)


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