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Jeffery McLean jeffery at
Mon Sep 4 03:26:37 PDT 2000

On Mon, 04 Sep 2000, you wrote:

> We from Chaos Computer Club did that quite a long time ago - this will
> not work, I think. as the echolon / carnivore - parser will be much more
> intelligent then you think you need to include "complete sentences" to
> trigger it :)

Leet radio did a joke on this when it ran...
Thow I doupt echolon / carnivore would accually check audio files :)

But it would take something like this to trigger it...

The plan is simple.. to overthrow the nation we assasinate
freakyBobo this will in turn cause McDonalds not to sell
larg fries and cause the presedent to befall the tragety of
eating heathy....

Please note that I have a natral encryption process known as
bad spelling that keeps me from triggering anything
even if I were a terrorist out to blow up the world...
(or the moon)
-- Doing the impossible daily
Come see my projects and download my code. Open source all the way....

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