Alfs Schedule

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Mon Sep 4 12:52:12 PDT 2000

Please comment and add to these. Just trying to
start a working list.


 - Decide on exact sample xml structures for a LFS profile
 - Build a complete 2.4 LFS profile with all the right xml structures
 - Have Gerard bless the profile
 - Work for a few weeks letting people build backends to build the profile
 - Test backends, perfect backends to build the profile correctly
 - Once we have some sort of stable backend that builds a 2.4 from a profile
   we can start to add options
 - First options we add are for LFS itself. This will help us explore options
   in general without losing focus and adding a bunch of additional programs
   that are really non-lfs.
 - Once we can get some basic options with LFS to work, we can work on
   perfecting the front-ends for LFS. At this point we at least have a tool
   which is usable for everyone's LFS system.
 - When we get to the point that everyone is happy with the basic tool
   and we know it works for LFS, then I say we open the idea board wide
   and start defining additional structures, redefining the ones we are
   using, add whole new ideas, etc......

ALFS Goals

1. To automate the LFS process
2. To provide some better way for automated Linux installation
3. Eliminate administration/installation for people who don't need/want it
4. Provide something useful that many people can use not just programmers
5. Make the API wide open so that the community can take it and run with it
6. Have lots of fun

Why use XML?

Because XML allows use to seperate the process of installing programs,
or other things from the programs themselves. By doing so we can make
the whole process generic and understandable by more people. Also with
the seperation we can attack the general problem from many different
angles without straying off course.

The way we are doing that is by building common structures that let
programmers implement their own ideas into their backends/front-ends.
Although we should control the basic core of the structures, I think we
should open up the whole thing in a way similiar to how apache works.
Who knows what someone might do with these ideas, and I think we should
have some way to encourage those new ideas. Xml Structures is one way,
a module, add-on framework could be another?

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