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Tue Sep 5 14:24:10 PDT 2000

> Should we choose a GPL license for the profiler? Or
> do we care what people do with it and we go with a
> BSD license? Or maybe we perform the QT move and
> have three licenses. :)

my vote is on GPL.  IMHO freedom is way to be.  I do use non-free software,
even on *nix.  But, after seeing RMS and ESR speak, how could I say any

> On Structure
> How should we organize ourselves?

The way the Mozilla team is orginized makes sense to me. one person in
charge of each "part"
our "parts" would be profile(s), profiler, front end(s), back end, website,
documentation.  the "(s)" will come later.  System administration is another
responsibility, but that seems well filled at the moment?

> Should we use
> CVS? Who gets write access? Why?

	OK, I'll be the devils advocate:
	I think a good model *is* CVS, write access after you register, which would
require a valid email.  This makes it easy for people to start helping out.
If it's a pain in the a** then we will get less people.

> How are bug
> reports submitted?

BugZilla seems like a good model to shoot for, there's also built in
I'm sure there are many other options.

> Who is responsible for them?

The person in charge of the "part" affected will delegate and is

> Who wants to do more than just test the system,
> and develop the profiler, our main frontend,
> backend?

i will volunteer to do the docs.
i will try to mention everywhere that the project needs help.

> After we get something
> built/working, should anyone from our group
> publicize our efforts?

It would probably be enough at the start to key people in at Linuxcare, Va
Linux sys., and other service based linux companies.  After it's far enough
along , go to DB companies to get support.

> I mean what if some
> reporter wants to talk to someone?

Gerard, seems the natural canidate, but what if he doesn't want to?

> Who can write
> the documentation for alfs?


>What other questions
> should we be asking?
> Bryan

How do we attract more developers?
As the project moves forward, and interest grows I bet more people will want
(A)LFS Hints?  Who will write these?


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