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Tue Sep 5 14:50:07 PDT 2000

"How do we attract more developers?"

Well, I'm really sorry for having been so silent on the LFS/ALFS mailing
lists for the past two months. And I'm really sorry that VA didn't get its
act together sooner to hire Gerard. Our loss, I'm afraid. But he's being
paid to work on LFS, and that's the main thing. Anway, what with the
preparation and launch at LinuxWorld of both OSDN and BTOS, folks at VA
have been completely swamped, me included.

We at VA have been very interested in freeing developers from the shackles
of distribution-specific Linux. I've hinted at this before, but our big
effort in this direction is now public: Build-to-Order Software (BTOS). 

Disclaimer: I don't work on BTOS, or work with the BTOS guys at VA.
Nonetheless I think there's tremendous affinity between the goals of ALFS
and the goals of BTOS. It would be very interesting to compare the
approaches each is using, and see if either can learn from the other. The
BTOS approach is discussed at
although there's a fair amount of marketing hype you'll have to read
through to get at the technical meat.

So I guess I have a couple things to say about attracting more developers.
First of all, the general concept here is tremendously appealing. We've
gotten a great reception from developers, press, and investors to the
whole BTOS approach. I think if you get the word out about ALFS through
places like SourceForge and Freshmeat, you'll have a similarly positive

Second, if there is anything specific you guys find to suggest for the
improvement of BTOS, you'll find a whole army of engineers here at VA
listening attentively. I don't have anything very specific to say about
how you'd start that dialog, but I can clearly see that the opportunity is

Hoping to be more engaged and involved now.


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