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On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 05:08:33PM -0400, Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> I still like to run my Netscape. It's not open source (at least me never 
> found source code to it then again perhaps I'm not looking hard enough. I 
> just go to and download it from there) I think, but everybody 
> still uses it, until things like Mozilla become stable enough to use.
> A nice GUI browser is often a pre-requisite for an Internet environment (it 
> is for me anyways. Lynx is nice, but not good enough for me). It would be 

                     ^ try links.  links rocks.

> nice if Netscape could be installed using ALFS. Perhaps we should contact 
> somebody about this and before the ALFS installer installs Netscape prints 
> the Netscape license and the user must agree with the license? Not sure how 
> to go about this one.

you can do what BSD's ports system does and store the license type for each
program.  eg: Netscape's profile has a "proprietry" license type, glibc will
have a LGPL license type, etc.  then, in your installer, you can allow the
user to select any particular license types he wants to install, using broad
categories such as "free", "commercial", etc.  this is useful in a
commercial environment, or if you're a RMS fanatic and you can't stand
having any proprietry software on your system :).

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