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Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Tue Sep 5 15:30:51 PDT 2000


On Mon, Sep 04, 2000 at 03:52:12PM -0400, Bryan Dumm wrote:
>  - Decide on exact sample xml structures for a LFS profile
>  - Build a complete 2.4 LFS profile with all the right xml structures
>  - Have Gerard bless the profile

You guys know this stuff better then me... i can live with something XML ;)

>  - Work for a few weeks letting people build backends to build the profile
>  - Test backends, perfect backends to build the profile correctly
>  - Once we have some sort of stable backend that builds a 2.4 from a profile
>    we can start to add options

*Yawns* Righty.

>  - First options we add are for LFS itself. This will help us explore options
>    in general without losing focus and adding a bunch of additional programs
>    that are really non-lfs.
>  - Once we can get some basic options with LFS to work, we can work on
>    perfecting the front-ends for LFS. At this point we at least have a tool
>    which is usable for everyone's LFS system.

Hear, hear, i still want to get the first Front-end done...

>  - When we get to the point that everyone is happy with the basic tool
>    and we know it works for LFS, then I say we open the idea board wide
>    and start defining additional structures, redefining the ones we are
>    using, add whole new ideas, etc......

Happy?!? Happy?... what's that... i could swear it reminds me of another word like sleep....

> 1. To automate the LFS process
> 2. To provide some better way for automated Linux installation
> 3. Eliminate administration/installation for people who don't need/want it
> 4. Provide something useful that many people can use not just programmers
> 5. Make the API wide open so that the community can take it and run with it
> 6. Have lots of fun

7. To create good/excellent/top-notch online documentation.

I'll think of something...

> Why use XML?
> Because XML allows use to seperate the process of installing programs,
> or other things from the programs themselves. By doing so we can make
> the whole process generic and understandable by more people. Also with
> the seperation we can attack the general problem from many different
> angles without straying off course.
> The way we are doing that is by building common structures that let
> programmers implement their own ideas into their backends/front-ends.
> Although we should control the basic core of the structures, I think we
> should open up the whole thing in a way similiar to how apache works.
> Who knows what someone might do with these ideas, and I think we should
> have some way to encourage those new ideas. Xml Structures is one way,
> a module, add-on framework could be another?

Like Gerard mentioned, we don't have to be too flexible from the get go do we?
I always believe you can never get it quite right the first time around...

Besides, XML is just cool...

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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