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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Sep 5 19:24:08 PDT 2000

> Let's get this straight: you're not writing a standard reference about the
> xml profile, you're actually writing a profile, right? If so, then I think
> it's bad. I think we should agree on a standard before even touching the
> keyboard. We have to think first about the xml syntax itself. Then we write
> a standard. Then we can begin hacking in a coordinated way, using the
> standard as the central pillar. This way, the profiler/backend doesn't have
> to way after the LFS profile to begin work.

Not bad necesarilly. I've created a profile with some of my ideas and ideas 
of others (well a bit at least). Then we'll discuss it and talk about syntax. 
As we talk about syntax I'm updating that sample profile and upload a new one 
to periodically.

Why do I take this alternative path? I've said to numerous people before, and 
I mean it, that code says more than a thousand words.

As we come up with ideas I want to put it in the profile right away so we can 
all see what it looks like. We then like it, or we don't. I'll be doing a lot 
of profile editing but that's ok with me. 

Gerard Beekmans

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