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On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Mark Stone wrote:

> GPL is more restrictive than BSD. "Hijacking" is the bogeyman that Richard
> Stallman tries to scare open source developers with: the notion that
> someone could take open source code, modify and improve it without giving
> back the changes, and use the resulting improved proprietary version to
> eliminate the demand for the open source version. 
INCORRECT! No matter how much I can't stand the guy I do have to give him
credit for how he has the license set up. With GPL, one can NOT hijack the
code. That was the main reason why the GPL was written in the first place.

> As far as I'm concerned, Stallman is just being paranoid. The only case I
> know of that even remotely approximates this kind of hijacking is Windows
> NT Name Service, which is a straight rip-off of Bind. Since NT does Bind
> worse than Bind, I can't see that Bind has been hurt. Since NT has to
> acknowledge where it got the code from, this helps spread the word about
> Bind. The end result is that if anything, the proprietary clone is
> helping, not hurting, the demand for the the open source version.
Actually, it wasn't a rip of bind per se. It was a modified copy of the
RFC specs which bind followed from the beginning. While they most
assuredly patterned their own engine after bind's, they did not rip it
off. They have used completely different techniques to reach the same
goals as what bind accomplished but managed at the same time to let bind
be their guinea pig for growing pains. While I don't agree with their
tactics, I also have to admit that they didn't outright rip off bind.

My basic point is that they didn't do a almost line for line copy of
bind's internal workings and modified it to work with their protocol.
They at least played it smart enough to choose different coding

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