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Wed Sep 6 03:20:07 PDT 2000

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> > Proprietary binaries have no place in the LFS or ALFS. From what I
> > understand this is a GPL based project. The reasoning behind this is to
> > deter the very problems that closed source vendors have, that of "too few
> > eyes to find the bugs". Without the source code to those binaries anyone
> > using them takes the chance that they open their systems to security
> I still like to run my Netscape. It's not open source (at least me never 
> found source code to it then again perhaps I'm not looking hard enough. I 

Mozilla is the codebase for netscape

> still uses it, until things like Mozilla become stable enough to use.
see above :-)

> A nice GUI browser is often a pre-requisite for an Internet environment (it 
> is for me anyways. Lynx is nice, but not good enough for me). It would be 
> nice if Netscape could be installed using ALFS. Perhaps we should contact 
> somebody about this and before the ALFS installer installs Netscape prints 
> the Netscape license and the user must agree with the license? Not sure how 
> to go about this one.
As long as you display the copyright to them and leave a copy of that
copyright in the package you're fine.


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