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Wed Sep 6 04:31:28 PDT 2000

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Simon Perreault wrote:

> In my mind, binaries-only is out of question. Go for open-source. Why would 
> you want to do it binaries-only? Usually, people do it because they want to 
> make money with the product, and then binaries-only is the way to go (unless 
> you want to use another money-making scheme, ie. selling the tech support a 
> la RedHat). But making money with this profiler thing isn't going to happen. 

I would have to totally disagree with you there. There is nothing wrong
with making money off of GPL'd software. Artists and prgrammers both know
you gotta eat. And selling technical support is a damned good idea!

Now, on to how the profiler CAN be used to make money. Refer to my earlier
email regarding LFS for one perfect example. The more granular control you
gain on an install the easier you make it for the installer (admins
included) to maintain it later. You also make it less work for the admin
to have to do by hand. (For those thinking this sounds just like a Red Hat
install, think of it like this. In order for someone to make use of that
ability on the install he/sho doing the install has to know the configs
pretty damn well anyhow to rape the most amount of automation control out
of the system.)

> So let's go for open source. GPL, BSD, choose your own, as long at you've got 
> the source with it.
> > On Structure
> >
> > How should we organize ourselves? Should we use
> > CVS? Who gets write access? Why? How are bug
> > reports submitted? Who is responsible for them?
> > Who wants to do more than just test the system,
> > and develop the profiler, our main frontend,
> > backend? How can we divide work between us, while
> > still maintaining some sense of order? Who wants
> > to do the website? After we get something
> > built/working, should anyone from our group
> > publicize our efforts? I mean what if some
> > reporter wants to talk to someone? Who can write
> > the documentation for alfs? What other questions
> > should we be asking?
> My programming skills are limited, but I think I can, sometimes, when I drink 
> a lot of Mountain Dew, have good ides, and also I can write doc that will be 
> well-writte, understandable, and organized. Since I'll follow closely the 
> ALFS project, I could write almost any kind of doc. Contact me if you want me 
> to write doc.

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