Darren Young darren at
Wed Sep 6 08:08:09 PDT 2000

Well, perhaps a for i in <dir> type of thing during the install would
work. If there were a dir called profiles and the profile script did a:
	for i in <package_dir>
A profile _could consist of other profiles, like one for base_workstation,
big_honkin_server, etc, etc....

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> On Wed, 06 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> > In reference to Gerard's profile that was sent to the list. Won't this
> > become unmanageble very quickly? It will get absolutely huge in the
> > end. Has there been any discussion of multiple files?
> >
> > <package>
> > 	<name>Bash</name>
> > 	<descriptor="bash.xml"</descriptor>
> > </package>
> >
> > Or something of that nature. I can just see people trying to add packages
> > and the main profile become _massive_ to maintain..
> I've noticed that too yes. But with multiple files it won't be a simple 
> matter as to giving a profile. Now you have to give a tarball and tell the 
> user in what directory all the files are supposed to be.
> Not sure how to go about this but this is something that needs to be 
> discussed yes. 

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