xml structures and some notes

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Wed Sep 6 08:15:39 PDT 2000

+-Bryan Dumm-(bdumm at bobby.bcpub.com)-[05.09.00 22:01]:
> Alfs Structures

> Balu's Ideas
> -----------
> A tag that makes it possible to ask the user something would be great
> (where do you want to install the LFS?)
> What would this look like?
> <input>Your question here</input>
> And - wouldn't it be great to have some kind of tags to add descriptions
> in a way that you can create an install-chapter using ALFS? ;)
> (not sure what you mean exactly)

I was thinking of creating for X4.1 - using tags to do something like:

<description>Install X4.01 by running the following commands</description>
   The X4.01 package contains the X-Server version 4

So we could get something that creates a complete LFS-Chapter out of
this information... (future)


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