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Wed Sep 6 08:26:10 PDT 2000


On Wed, Sep 06, 2000 at 08:15:19AM -0700, Mark Stone wrote:
> I agree. I have visions of the sendmail config file here (shudder). I like
> the idea of separate files for separate components. 

Actually there's nothing wrong with making seperate profiles... gimme me a sec.

Consider this, we the Core Team developer the LFS-2.4 _complete_ Profile.
So you run the profile and you have a working 2.4 system, but now you want to add X and KDE and blabblah, ya wanna know what the nice thing is? it's easy.

[-] X Windows System
    [+] Gnome
    [+] KDE
    [+] BlackBox
    [+] Mozilla
[-] OpenSSL
    [+] OpenSSH
[-] Apache
    [+] Apache+PHP
    [+] Apache+PHP+MySQL
    [+] Apache+PHP+MySQL+OpenSSL
[+] Samba


You can do it two ways, one make one Big-Ass(tm) profile with everything include (like a couple of ppl will, no doubt) or taking LFS-2.4 Profile install that then crap the X profile, KDE profile, etc

I just don't see the need to having to "include" multiple profile into each other, if you wanted todo that, then just open it up with a text editor and paste the package =)

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