licensing final decisions?

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Wed Sep 6 09:23:57 PDT 2000


After seeing the discussion on licensing I think we should get
around to making a decision on what type of licensing we should
go with for alfs....

>From Mark Stone previous email(btw thx for the licensing info/details)

               Worried about hijacking   |   Not worried about hijacking
Building from 
source only          GPL, LGPL or MPL                BSD

Allow build from 
some binaries        LGPL or MPL                     BSD

Looking at such, I really think we should decide on BSD(my personal choice)
or LGPL. I really don't think we should go with "GPL only" as we will have 
binaries, and I will gladly argue with anyone who thinks it should be source
only. :) (I'll be back in a few days so save your flames.). 

Out of the two choices I think BSD makes the most sense. I am not 
worried about hijacking or a commercial fork as much as us getting a 
license and maintaining our copyright. Plus with a BSD license it will 
be a whole boatload easier for proprietary programs to use alfs also. 
I don't think alfs is going to be primarly binaries or proprietary programs
by a longshot, I just don't think we should exclude them from alfs......

Can we make a decision on this soon? I'm not even going to touch 
the other topics till I get back... I think clearing this up though will
help us move forward. 

I know some folks are still wondering what we are going to license, I 
believe it will be the profiler... but if we can at least decide on a license
to use for our group, we can discuss/change the structure later......

Anyways, have fun everyone, don't kill each other while I am gone. ;)


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