xml structures and some notes

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Wed Sep 6 10:29:15 PDT 2000

+-Jesse Tie Ten Quee-(highos at highos.com)-[06.09.00 18:31]:
> > Because you sometimes need to ask - perhaps that should be far in the
> > future, but I thought of a tag like 
> > <input varname="question">Do you want me to do this or that?</input>
> Nono... don't get me wrong, i'm all for having that exact interacting with users (hell i want todo the first front-end)
> But i don't see why we need to add, Yet Another Tag just todo this, consider...
YAT? SuSE? scnr
>     <package>
>         <name>
>         binutils-2.10
>         </name>
>         <configure>
>         configure --prefix=/usr --disable-nls
>         </configure>
>         <make>
>         make -e LDFLAGS=-all-static tooldir=/usr
>         </make>
>         <make_install>
>         make -e prefix=$LFS/usr tooldir=$LFS/usr install
>         </make_install>
>     </package>
> Now, you start adding more tags to that and it's going to get messy (hell it's messy allready :)

Thats why I want to think of (nearly) all possible tags at the
beginning. ALFS could be (will?) something that grows like a tree - some
time it gets messy - you find this not working -> workaround and on an

If you think of possible points before creating a project you can do the
best so that (not yet implemented, but planned) features fit best.

Not every package is as easy as binutils (or most in the book) - that's
why I thought of $variables and asking and such...

> Now what would happen if, OMG, i forget to change one little thing in
> the profile and you haven't hit the package yet so you should be able
> to change it, so...20 minutes later you hit that package but instead
> of hitting 'Ok' to go on, you hit 'Advanced Configuration' and text
> thing you know a little dialog (this is the way i want to implement it
> anyways ;) comes up and you can custimize everything in that package,
> like change the configure command and add options, etc...

You should not need to change the profile (btw - changing an opened file
is no good idea ;) - you should be able to configure something while ALFS
is already compiling bash or anything else.
> That was kinda me, rambling but do you see what i'm getting at? There
> isn't no need to add extra TAGs except perhaps a <description> one
> (you should have that anyways, imho)
> > Ah - sometimes you need (or want to ask) - Maybe I would like a profile
> > that asks me "do you want me to configure perl with defaults" and behave
> > as mentioned (uh - we need more structures to do so 8o)
> Right, you don't have to start compile right away, you could sit there
> for hours customizing it at the beginning of installation.

I thought of _during_ the installation as in Caldera... (or at the


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