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Wed Sep 6 13:08:13 PDT 2000


On Wed, Sep 06, 2000 at 03:31:12PM -0500, brendan strejcek wrote:
> it seems like the perfect tool (to me) would be a bootable
> cd which contained the bare minimum of a devel environment
> (gcc, make, sed, awk, sh-utils, ... ) and source packages,
> so the user would not have to use a pre-made distro to
> bootstrap into the new lfs system (this arrangement always
> seemed sort of unclean to me) (is a cd like this already
> available?) (does anyone know what it takes to create such
> a bootable cd with a live filesystem and everything? would
> lilo be used? the word el-torito comes to mind ... ) (even
> better, has anyone created a bootable powerpc cd? now i'm
> getting off topic)

Yes a bootable floppy/cd is in the works.
This is something myself and Gerard had a discussion about yesterday.

We though it best to have a static build of everything needed for a small devel suite (everything needed to build LFS, it isn't too too much), put that in a .tar.gz/tar.bz2 that you can throw on a CD or download from the Net (id like to keep floppy installs open also)

No worries, i'll get something for the list soon.

> maybe what i am suggesting is another tool that could be used
> after alfs has done its work on a single build ... or would
> this just amount to a glorified disk copy?

You can always just create a tar.gz of everything, it's not alot.

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