xml structures and some notes

Fabio Fracassi Fracassi at t-online.de
Wed Sep 6 15:54:21 PDT 2000

I follow the discussion about Frontend/Profile/Profiler/Backend
for quite some time now but I still didn't get some things right.
(I suppose I missed the part when these things got defined)
In particular I don't understand how the Frontend is supposed to 
work with/without an <Input> Tag

Let me try to explain how I understood things:

>From what Jesse wrote I thougt it works like this:
Frontend - the thing the User interacts with, it asks what to install
whereto an how.
	   the Frontend then "builds" the Profile?
Profiler - Takes the Profile checks it and changes it in a way that the
Backend knows what to do.

Backend - Takes the Profilers output, and does the "real work" like
creating dirs, 
	  invoking the Comiler, etc acording to this Profile.
That would explain why Jessy would not want an <input>-Tag, all of the
is already been done. (Wherefrom does the Frontend know what to ask the
user, and 
which packages are avaiable?)

I understand from the other Posts, that the core of the Project should
be the Profile(s).
To Customize it you can either edit it manually, or use a Frontend. Then
Profiler and Backend 
come in. I don't understand how the Frontend can interact correctly
without a Tag in the 
Profile directing it.

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