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Wed Sep 6 17:55:01 PDT 2000

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:

> Yo,
> <rant>
> WTF is this... there is no way in hell any part of ALFS is going to be "closed-source"

hey *I* never said ANYTHING about taking ALFS closed source. HE did! I'm
probably the last person you want to come to for a vote to turn something
closed source!

> I'm not doing this for money, i'm doing it because i fell like it... ever since i've took my leave from Mountlinux this project (well stuff related to LFS) has kept me going and it's been fascinating from the start. (and for that, i can only say thx you to everyone involved)
> And soon, i have to start working again (i've lived off myself for almost 6 months now without getting payed) and i still plan on working on ALFS stuff, regardless.

I never made the statement either that anyone was doing this for money. I
was simply stating that this project DOES have the potential to MAKE
money! Folks around here seem to act like the word "money" is a dirty
word. I'm so totally glad that everyone out here has an unlimited supply
of cash on hand. I know I wish i did. (Sorry for this rant but it really
gets my goat that so many people think that Open Source means "totally
100% free as in cash". Show me where it says that in the GPL and I'll
gladly retract every one of my statements with a profuse public apology)

> And out of the "core team" as someone mentioned (which is IIRC, Myself/Gerard/Bryan) aren't about toa make this closed-source to make a few bucks.
> You would be surprised what you could sell... There are other meants of making money.
> </rant>

My exact point all along.

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