let's get the words straight

Darren Young darren at younghome.com
Wed Sep 6 19:13:36 PDT 2000

I think this is a good area to get out in the front of the docs. If the
core team were to throw together their ideas of this "in their own words",
we (the doc dudes) could put that into more "human" terms. I myself was a
little confused (and perhaps still am) as to what each component's
goal(s) are. Describe them as layers and what functions they will
commplish type of thought...

Darren Young

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Simon Perreault wrote:

> Seems like there's a bit of confusion about the meaning of
> profile/profiler/backend/frontend. We need to give a meaning to each of these,
> and we need to all agree on the same meaning.
> Here are my definitions:
> Profile: An XML document using tags defined in the upcoming standard. This
> contains the raw data about how to install the profile. It doesn't give a
> radical how (as in: paste this C code in a program, compile, run), but rather a
> how that is going to be interpreted and translated in any number of different
> programming languages.
> Profiler: Doesn't exist. Synonym with backend. (That's only my definition.)
> Backend: Parses the profile, and feeds info the the frontent. When the user has
> done enough customizations in the front-end and presses the green GO button,
> the backend receives that GO and starts doing things, translating the profile
> into it's own language.
> Frontend: Presents the user with options. That's where the user can interact.
> The frontend communicates with the backend.
> Please reply with the official definitions.

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