xml structures and some notes

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Thu Sep 7 07:48:50 PDT 2000

+-Gerard Beekmans-(gerard at linuxfromscratch.org)-[07.09.00 05:21]:
> The idea was to do it this way. It might prove not to be the best way but 
> this is how things are beeing looked at at the moment:
> The ALFS suite consist of the following 4 components:
> 1) front-end
> 2) profiler
> 3) profile
> 4) compiler
> How do they interact?
> 1) You start an ALFS process by starting up the front-end
> 2) The front-end asks you to choose a profile
> 3) The front-end asks you to change things

How should the front-end know what to ask?

> 4) The front-end feeds the modified profile to the profiler in chunks (one 
> section at a time)

Why in chunks? I thought it feeds it as one. (fire and forget-style ;)

> 5) The profiler receives the section and feeds it to the compiler who 
> executes whatever needs to be done
> 6) Compiler reports back to the profiler on it's status and profiler can do 
> some error correction and other things that might be needed
> 7) when a section has completed, profiler notified front-end
> 8) front-end then feeds second section to the profiler and we go back to step 
> number 5
> Why per section? You might want to change every section on-the-fly. Or during 
> the install. of section 1 you can modify later sections. Those are just 
> details but we want to be flexible.

Ah okay - nice way of doing
> Now I'm writing this why not take the profiler step out of it and make the 
> front-end smarter.

I already thought of that, but then the front-end has to do the
profiler-work - so not really different. But it eliminates the need of
creating a protocol in which profiler and front-end speak to each
> Or keep it this way; makes it easier to create a lot of different front-ends 
> without having to worry about them error correcting.
> IT's getting late and I'm realy having a hard time keeping track of 
> everything on this list the past few days.

Me too, bit It's nice to see so many ideas and thoughts - and people
whou love to create the best LFS around ;)


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