My newbie detailed analysis of the profile

Rod Roark rod at
Thu Sep 7 08:22:23 PDT 2000

> > 
> > The <command> tag will be used to send lines to a shell prompt. So, using tags
> > like
> > 
> > <command>make</command>
> > <target>install</target>
> > 
> > is irrelevent since the only thing the backend is going to do is put the make
> > and install together and send it to the command line. Let's keep it simple, and
> > do that job for the backend in the profile itself. When something needs to be
> > sent to the command line, let's simply use
> > 
> > <command>make install other stiff prefix=$thing something --with-joy
> > --with-sadness=no</command>
> > 
> > If I'm off track, or simply dumb, say so, and tell me why.
> I agree with you here... not dumb. but we should not use that for
> commands like mkdir, cd, rm,...

Why not?  If you guys are going to reinvent bash, this project won't see
daylight for a long time.  The makefiles and scripts that will do most
of the work are going to use the shell anyway.  Installation
instructions for them will be written in terms of shell commands.

I think I'm just peeing in the wind at this point, but I'll say it
again.  Look first at what make does.  Do it better.  Generalize it
beyond the scope of LFS.  Then the world will care.

-- Rod

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