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On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 04:40:06PM +0200, Thomas 'Balu' Walter wrote:
> It would not have taken so long if you thought of it before you started
> the book - perhaps you would have noticed that "the book will get bigger
> and small files are easier to handle" and start directly with those
> smaller files...

We are human and therefore not perfect.

> You call this "software-engeneering" and as the book "Web
> Application Development with PHP" says: 
> It's not necessary to inform the user of the underlying system, wether
> you're using Julian or Gregorian dates or maybe even your own format -
> at some point, you might want to provide an exta set of such features to
> the user (for example date format conversion), but it's completely
> unecessary when all you need initially is simple to enable someone to
> manage appointments.
> On the other hand this doesn't mean preventing or even disabling a
> future implementation fo these features. The trick when designing an API
> is to meet your requirements exactly, while being able to extend the API
> to any eventual needed functionality. This requires in-depth planning
> and thoughtful definitions, as discussed throughout this chapter.

Gerard posted what were going to use _now_ (now that doesn't mean the second release of the API isn't going to stop development, it just means we want to work on something and figure out what works and what doesn't) were not totally rushing into this (we have Bryan to hold us back, right? :)

What Gerard posted we shall build for two to three weeks and what we do is just an example, nothing more (and what he posted doesn't even talk about the profile yet, so keep your pants on *winks*)

A Picture says a million words.

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