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John Arrowwood John.Arrowwood at
Thu Sep 7 12:35:11 PDT 2000

> >      <configure>    ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-ncurses
> I had split that up in:
> <configure> (or <prebuild> whichever)
> 	<command>./configure</command>
>	<flags>--prefix=/usr --with-ncurses</flags>
> </configure>

I agree completely.  And being the dork I am, I would suggest going
farther...  (This is also easier to code for this way, less logic in the

  <script> ./configure </script>
  <prefix> /usr </prefix> # or syntactical equivalent
  <required-flags> --enable-static </required-flags>
  <optional-flags> (whatever the user specifies) </optional-flags>
  <command> $script --prefix=$prefix $required-flags $optional-flags

(of course, <script> etc. could also be <variable name="script"> just as

Then, the user can make changes to what they want without risk of damaging
the required component of the command-line.  You could even add an attribute
to the tag <required-flags ro> or define it in the DTD so that the front-end
knows it is to display the field using a read-only edit control.  Of course,
that doesn't work too well if you change the <script> and the required flags
are no longer relevant, but you get the drift...

-- John
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