ALFS Communication Design

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Save on work, don't parse the env_var tag, build it with the
optimization_level tag, like this:

<optimization_level> 3 </...>
<environment var="CFLAGS">-O$optimization_level</environment>

Then, if you decide to back-off the optimization level, then you change it
in the code, and re-build all strings that contained it.  No parsing, AND
there is less risk of failing due to user manipulation of the string and
thereby no longer being able to FIND the darn thing...

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> Oh, great ideas! Then we can't include all that make command into a
> <command> tag, we have to break it down.

My point exactly. See a later mail where I explained my reasons for having:

And when that didn't work profiler can modify the <env_var> tag's value,
-O occurances and change -Ox into -O. If it's already -O, remove -O

Gerard Beekmans

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