My newbie detailed analysis of the profile

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Thu Sep 7 12:41:29 PDT 2000 kind of like how you can save a kernel configuration to a a customized installation set to a file or profile, and use it
for installing on another computer, for instance.  Good idea!  

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> > Just a thought...  why SAVE the changed profile?  why not just SEND the
> modified profile to the back-end?  I thought I read that the backend sends
> to profile to the front-end, which in turn sends it back.  That doesn't
> make sense...have the front-end read the profile, present it to the user,
> then send it with user-specified modifiecations on to the back-end.  Or am
> I missing something?

Sure, keep it in memory if you want. Either way you probably want to
the changes somewhere so you can recall them later if needed. Think of 'save

changes' in the broadest way possible. Save to disk, ramdisk and memory (big


Gerard Beekmans

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