My newbie detailed analysis of the profile

Darren Young darren at
Thu Sep 7 13:11:55 PDT 2000

The Java Apache group built ANT as a make replacement. It's all Java based


On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, John Arrowwood wrote:

> If I understood correctly, what he wanted was something that took the place
> of "make" functionally, not one that could actually parse make files.  I
> assume there are lots of such things out there.  A guy I used to work for
> created something he called "builder" which had a semi-scripted approach.
> who knows, maybe THAT would work!
> I think what he was trying to say was that what we are trying to accomplish
> is only a more advanced version of what "make" does, and therefore we should
> keep that in mind during the design of the tool, so it could perhaps
> ultimately replace make...
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> > > I think I'm just peeing in the wind at this point, but I'll say it
> > > again.  Look first at what make does.  Do it better.  Generalize it
> > > beyond the scope of LFS.  Then the world will care.
> >
> > Am I correct is I say that you are suggestion we create a better make
> > program to parse Makefile files? I think I'm completely missing the point
> > now, so please elaborate if you don't mind.
> I'll never get that one answered I'm afraid. Rod just unsubscribed from the 
> alfs-discuss list.

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