xml structures and some notes

Fabio Fracassi Fracassi at t-online.de
Fri Sep 8 00:16:21 PDT 2000

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> > Yes, but the frontend can also asume all the defaults up to that point
> > the user tells it not to! Based down like this,
> > If anybody has any complaints he should speak now (before the package is
> > installed) or remain silent forever (until the next install) :)
> Suppose the user didn't know that perl was going to be installed that way.
> Suppose the user didn't know that you can configure perl two ways: with the
> -d opion and without it. If the user had known on beforehand he would have
> chosen differently. We don't want to cause such situtations either.

> > Thats a Point, As Gerald stated he'd likes to have any options editable,
> > and
> > I think he is right with that. (Programs that restrict you suck)
> I like Jesse's idea of an "Advanced setup" tab during installation of a
> package...

Thats what I wanted to say above. The user can see that there are
options, but unless he chooses to change them (hitting the Advanced
the package is installed with default values.

The medium of language is a rough vessel for transporting thougts ;)

Fabio Fracassi

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