Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Fri Sep 8 00:45:00 PDT 2000

+-Gerard Beekmans-(gerard at[07.09.00 20:48]:
> > I am against that!
> >
> > Not more stupid linux-users that think they are great admins and want to
> > do their own linux...
> >
> > Do you know what that means for us? WORK WORK WORK - SUPPORT SUPPORT -
> > no more sleep at all, stupid questions all over,...
> >
> >      Ba-big.;-)-lu
> Inspite of the big ;-) in your sig. I'm still not sure whether you were 
> joking or only half-joking and half-serious?

Thinking it over again I have to say that I was joking completely - but
as with nearly every joke there is a small truth in here.

But as I am an optimist I'll say - do announce and advertise wherever it
is usable - we will not only get some "not-knowing-how-to-handle-lfs"
but many geeks with higher knowledge than ours. And they can be great


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