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Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Fri Sep 8 01:54:21 PDT 2000

+-Simon Perreault-(nomis80 at[07.09.00 20:39]:
> On Thu, 07 Sep 2000, Thomas 'Balu' Walter wrote:
> > > Example: it's stated that the front-end lets you modify things. That
> > > eliminates the need of <input> xml tags. So now this removal of <input> no
> > > longer is a possiblity: it's a reality.
> > 
> > If it is called <input> or <variable> is really no matter, but how
> > should the profiler know what to modify?
> How the profiler knows what to modify: it modifies every single variable. And
> if a variable has a description, it is even easier to know what you're
> modifying. Also, it lets you modify every single part of the profile, just by
> parsing it. All the work has to be done by the profiler.

Ack - the point when I suggested the <input>-tag was: we had no
variables :)
> But Balu's point is: what if I absolutely NEED to ask the user a question?
> Well, you simply use a variable with a description. And maybe you could use a
> tag attribute which says: "Must be modified". Then the front-end could ask "Are
> you sure ..." if the user clicks "GO" without having modified that particular
> variable.

That was exactly what the <input>-Tag was for - but not only that - even
for asking for variable-values. It was not meant to be called <input> -
that was an example - the now preferred <variable> has exactly the same

> Balu: Find a case where you need an <input> tag, and post it. I simply can't
> think of any.

See above :)


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