Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

Thomas T. Veldhouse veldy at
Sun Sep 10 16:02:52 PDT 2000

Look at "Yard"!

This is a set of perl scripts that are used to make boot/root disks for
Linux.  I have used it and it really works well.

Tom Veldhouse
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> Yo,
> I'm bringing this up...because i want to get this done right away.
> Darren and myself are starting to take apart different boot and root
> disks from Distributions, to figure out how they do it (it's actually
> quite fun)
> Anyways, the question i want to ask is, do we want to provide a way of
> installating ALFS with just a boot+root disk, or just provide a CD for
> now?
> I've gotten the process done for boot+cd, just wondering if i should
> bother going with the process of boot+root.
> Another question that was floating around is this, after we boot up from
> the CD (or boot+root disks) to install ALFS, you need a complete (or
> semi at least) devel system.
> Richard (Remenic on #LFS) has done a complete LFS-2.4 build using
> nothing but a bootdisk and a network connection, he partitioned and
> formated with PartitionMagic before hand, booted up with a bootdisk and
> configured networking, then downloaded an LFS 2.3.5_i386
> ( build i had
> completed a while ago, he untarred it, then started LFS (abeilt allready
> in chroot ;) and so got a static build done... and you know the rest =)
> So, what' i'm wondering (and what was discussed with Gerard) is are we
> going todo something along that line? If so, i'm pretty sure we can get
> away with a straigh boot+root disks, with the front/back-ends and
> profilers on the CD (or in the package you download)
> Thoughs...?
> PS, one day alfs-dicuss explodeds, lets see that happen tomorrow, Eh? =)
> -
> Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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