Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

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> kernel size even stripped down takes up too much space in the iamge to be
> able to use it for booting. To include reiserfs, SCSI, and (E)IDE support
> and the bare minimum number of SCSI adapters like the AHA15xx and the
> AIC7xxx and the abse set of the SymBIOS cards (the top 3 used cards out
> there) drives the kernel size up tremendously. There is some severe kernel
> bloat going on but Alan gets kind of mad when you tell him that. :-)

My "live CD" that was used to build VooDoo Linux had a pretty full featured
The kernel had quite a bit of stuff  built in and the initrd image does not
need to be
that big,,, just enough to find the CDROM and mount it... then ya got lots a

Keep in mind, the El Torito Specs provide for a 2.88MB image?

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