Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

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If you already have a boot image for the CDROM... you have all you need to
build the floppies. The hard way to do it is to make a seperate boot and
root disk, flagging bit 15 in the kernel ramdisk word to ask for the rootfs
during the boot...

>From there you need to make some images and provide rawrite (or whatever) to
let people build the floppies.

The easy way (I generally find this) is to go to Slackware's FTP site, there
you will find boot/root disks combos for practically ever system you can
imaging! D/L them, add rawrite and a little README and you got the root/boot
problem out of the way.

As for the Live CD... it is not really a simple task to get it boot, mount
and run from the mounted CD... but not impossible. Again, disk #2 of the
official Slackware set is a Live CD, as is the same number from a FreeBSD
Set. I have seen Debian based "evaluation" CDs, an older disk called Linux
Test Drive and the Linux General Store has a live CD maintenance disk.

Any of these is a great place to start with making your own...

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> Let me jump in the middle of this discussion as I usually do...
> I'd like to see a cd that you boot off that doens't require a floppy disk
> start with. I know it's possible, just have to figure out how to. I know
> Jesse has done it already but hasn't had to time to write down how he did
> so I've been fooling around with it today myself. I got to boot off a cd,
> after it mounted the cdrom drive as the root system it gave me a "unable
> open initial console". /dev/console was present (both on the cd itself and
> the boot image that I provided mkisofs with). But that's not the point
> now.
> We need to have a boot floppy disk available for those systems that
> can't boot of a cdrom.
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