Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Sun Sep 10 20:36:36 PDT 2000


On Sun, Sep 10, 2000 at 11:17:55PM -0400, KL Davis wrote:
> If you already have a boot image for the CDROM... you have all you need to
> build the floppies. The hard way to do it is to make a seperate boot and
> root disk, flagging bit 15 in the kernel ramdisk word to ask for the rootfs
> during the boot...

I've done that before...

Right, you have to create a boot image, initiall anyways, but that isn't
what i'm asking... (see below)

> The easy way (I generally find this) is to go to Slackware's FTP site, there
> you will find boot/root disks combos for practically ever system you can
> imaging! D/L them, add rawrite and a little README and you got the root/boot
> problem out of the way.

And why would i bother todo that...? ;)

> As for the Live CD... it is not really a simple task to get it boot, mount
> and run from the mounted CD... but not impossible. Again, disk #2 of the
> official Slackware set is a Live CD, as is the same number from a FreeBSD
> Set. I have seen Debian based "evaluation" CDs, an older disk called Linux
> Test Drive and the Linux General Store has a live CD maintenance disk.

I've allready done that...

Actually the really cool ones (IMHO) are the LinuxCare Business cards, i
lost my last one, wich i had another.

> Any of these is a great place to start with making your own...

I know howto make my own, i'm more asking do we want to support "pure"
floppy installs (no need of a cd-rom)

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