Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

David D.W. Downey david.downey at
Mon Sep 11 03:00:00 PDT 2000

On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, KL Davis wrote:

> The easy way (I generally find this) is to go to Slackware's FTP site, there
> you will find boot/root disks combos for practically ever system you can
> imaging! D/L them, add rawrite and a little README and you got the root/boot
> problem out of the way.

That may work since folks do point out that the El Torito specs support
2.88MB boot images. The only problem I have is creating this CD under
Windows since I don't have a burner for Linux right yet. (I've got one
working under Windows NT 4.0 SP5)

> Any of these is a great place to start with making your own...

OK, looks like I got my work cut out for me.

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