Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

Michael Irving laric at
Mon Sep 11 03:45:38 PDT 2000

> On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, KL Davis wrote:
> > The easy way (I generally find this) is to go to Slackware's FTP site,
> > you will find boot/root disks combos for practically ever system you can
> > imaging! D/L them, add rawrite and a little README and you got the
> > problem out of the way.
> >
> That may work since folks do point out that the El Torito specs support
> 2.88MB boot images. The only problem I have is creating this CD under
> Windows since I don't have a burner for Linux right yet. (I've got one
> working under Windows NT 4.0 SP5)
I would suggest using Nero Burning Rom. It can handle el torrito 2.88 mb.
And it can also handle emulated harddisk (dunno if it is in the el torrito
standard). it is located on and has a free demo (30 day) wich
you can try on.

> > Any of these is a great place to start with making your own...
> >
> OK, looks like I got my work cut out for me.

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