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> Point well taken. But why download some slackware or redhat boot image
> you can create one yourself? It's not as difficult as writing gcc from
> scratch.

Seems my original comment has been taken somewhat out of context? And perhaps I
am a little biased as I have a working disk very simular to what you are trying
to do... so I no doubt feel that everyone should want to do it the same way I
did? Heck, that seems a no brainer! : )

Anyway , let me set the stage a little... First: I think that ALFS should run
from a *bootable live CDROM* and that the CDROM boot (El Torito) should be the
*primary* way of running ALFS. Now, I also agree that the end user  should not
have to have acces to a Linux or *NIX system for ANY part of the build.

First problem, there will be some systems that do not support the bootable
CDROM, however these (more and more) will be the exception rather than the
rule. So, a boot/root disk may become necessary... but how are we to expect the
user to write his or her own boot disk... when we have no expectation of them
haveing access to a *NIX system? Interesting conundrum here?

Even if the usr has access to a *NIX system, making your own rt/bt disk *can*
be a jumbo pain in the butt! Think about that guy who has a Acme 1X psudoSCSI
CDROM interfaced to a sound card! Probably lose him from the project before
he ever gets the CD mounted?

So, all I am proposing is that the CDROM have a drectory of premade rt/bt
disks sets, so the user can drop it in bubba's Win95 system... read a little
.doc about which disk he probably needs, rawrite the disk set and get his
ssystem booted and the ALFS CD mounted!

>From there, if the idea is to have him write his own rt/bt then great! I would
actually propose that the first "lesson" be to compile the custom kernel that
the system will ultimately need and then use that new kernel to make a bootable
"rescue" disk set?

Anyway... all I was saying is that (if you where to do something like this)
that the majority of *every* type of rt/bt combo you can imagine is already
done and available -- no need to reinvent the wheel! Naturally, I would (did)
make some changes to the individual boot disks as far as names and help
screens, all in all it worked out pretty well.

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