Subject: Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

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I think that ome of Gerard's big concerns here is that *everything* on the
project is "from scratch" - and rightfully so! I would imagine that this has
two virtues... first would be that it keeps in line with the LFS philosophy
of DIY. Second - and I would think even more important - is simply *knowing
what you got*. Knowing that everything in the system is clean if you will?

Given David's (LRP) propensity for spreading his anarchial, overthrow the
government, "Ph34r 7h3 NVV0" and pro-drug opinions in comments within
scripts and whatnot... I do not imagine that it is a really great idea to
use stuff from the LRP?

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> > That boot image is what I'm most interested in: I have seen
> > suggestions that
> > we should grab a RedHat or Slackware or whatever boot image and
> > make that one
> > available. That's the only thing I don't agree with.
> Don't know if it is still, but the Linux Router Project web page had a
> little web form where you check off the drivers U need and the Web server
> gives you the right one.  Might be a workable solution.
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