Subject: Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

Jason Gurtz jason at
Tue Sep 12 13:24:33 PDT 2000

> I think that ome of Gerard's big concerns here is that *everything* on the
> project is "from scratch" - and rightfully so! I would imagine
> that this has
> two virtues... first would be that it keeps in line with the LFS
> philosophy
> of DIY. Second - and I would think even more important - is
> simply *knowing
> what you got*. Knowing that everything in the system is clean if you will?

That's the tough one.  How does thee compile the compiler w/o a binary?
I could imagine a good Crack coming up with a compiler that introduces bugs
into a compiler that it compiles.  In a certain sense, there's always a
level of trust, even though you may have the source.  Besides, the finished
system will have none of the binaries off the boot disc, it's sole purpose
being to boot the system and allow access to where ever the sources are, and
build a development environment.

> Given David's (LRP) propensity for spreading his anarchial, overthrow the
> government, "Ph34r 7h3 NVV0" and pro-drug opinions in comments within
> scripts and whatnot... I do not imagine that it is a really great idea to
> use stuff from the LRP?

Yeah, I noticed an attitude emminating from that proj. and indeed the
Mailing list was(is?) somewhat hostile at times.  Still, I wasn't suggesting
we use his system (like he'd give us the scripts or what ever) just, use the
general idea of it.  BTW, The Plan9 system also uses a similar web based tool to
allow downloading a floppy image with the right drivers.


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