Subject: Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

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> That's the tough one.  How does thee compile the compiler w/o a binary?
> I could imagine a good Crack coming up with a compiler that introduces
> into a compiler that it compiles.  In a certain sense, there's always a
> level of trust, even though you may have the source.  Besides, the
> system will have none of the binaries off the boot disc, it's sole purpose
> being to boot the system and allow access to where ever the sources are,
> build a development environment.
True... there has to be a base level of trust, even with a commercial
compiler that you are paying good money to make sure it is made from
pristine code? Arrghh! It's that whole chicken and the egg thing!

> Yeah, I noticed an attitude emminating from that proj. and indeed the
> Mailing list was(is?) somewhat hostile at times.  Still, I wasn't
> we use his system (like he'd give us the scripts or what ever) just, use
> general idea of it.  BTW, The Plan9 system
> also uses a similar web based tool
> allow downloading a floppy image with the right drivers.

Funny... I was just working on an email to Gerard to suugest that he open a
project on SF to let people start building the bt/rt/ disk set... could use
CVS to track the build and then make them available on the LFS website for
DL - I envisioned a PERL or PHP page that the user did just that, selected
the base components of the sytstem and was provided a link to the correct
disk set... now, I need not finish that email.

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