Defining ALFS

WanSLenowski wanslenowski at
Tue Sep 12 16:39:47 PDT 2000

What is ALFS?

How I see it.  LFS is a great book and has a specific purpose and an
identity.  What would be nice is to see LFS take the route of walking
the user through a "complete" installation of linux.  From creating
their own bootdisk (if needed) and burning a cdrom with the tools
necessary to start compiling their system to setting up X and their
preferred desktop environment.

ALFS on the other hand clearly has another meaning.  A stands for
automated?  Meaning things are done mostly without their assistence.
Defining an ALFS user, someone who wants to compile all packages
from scratch and setup their system according to a preset profile,
possibly modified here and there.


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