Defining ALFS

WanSLenowski wanslenowski at
Tue Sep 12 20:47:32 PDT 2000

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> > ALFS on the other hand clearly has another meaning.  A stands for
> > automated?  Meaning things are done mostly without their assistence.
> > Defining an ALFS user, someone who wants to compile all packages
> > from scratch and setup their system according to a preset profile,
> > possibly modified here and there.
> ....without having to type in all those compilation commands.
> Yes, that's one group of people. But not the only ones.
> It also provides a nice way to setup a machine that does a certain task.
> Say you want to setup a firewall. Get the lfs-firewall profile and let it
> run. You end up with a box that's suitable to be a firewall. Nothing more,
> nothing less. There are hundreds of other ideas to give. Bryan is better on
> explaining this kind of thing (he's more of a business person that I am)

Hmm, actually my main point was that an ALFS user maybe doesn't want to learn 
that much.  He just wants an automated way of building a customized box.  
Whereas LFS is more geared towards people who want every little detail about
how linux works.  It just seems like a lot of core elements are rubbing off 
from LFS to ALSA making the two projects a little too similar?  I guess I 
just see the two projects having a lot less in common.  Learn linux from the 
inside out, or build a box made for you.

I'll drop it :)

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