Subject: Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Wed Sep 13 00:48:37 PDT 2000


On Tue, Sep 12, 2000 at 07:54:24AM -0400, K.L. Davis wrote:
> I must admit that I was somewhat taken aback by your responce, it seems that
> you and I are actually eye-to-eye on most of this? Anyway, allow me to
> retort...

But of course, i'm almost always eye-to-eye with someone, only way to
go, imho (doesn't mean i don't take into consideration what your
saying, not that i don't listen, just means i want you to fight for what
your saying :)

> I would have to say that - given the amount of discussion on this topic - this
> is not clear? It seems that the path is not well charted.

That's true, almost everything todo with ALFS right now is not
documented nor well charted, if you want to help there's alfs-doc.

One could say it's Chaos.


> I wish were that simple, I know of no magic single image that can be expected
> to handle the booting process for the majority (not even thinking ALL) of the
> systems that it may encounter? Between old interfaces, SCSI, DMA/66-100 and
> whatever else... it requires (in my experience) more that one image to be able
> to make the rt/bt disks. Granted... the El Torito specs provide for a 2.88MB
> image and that is large enough to include suppport for probably 90% of the
> systems?... But when you start talking about rawriting an image to a floppy, I
> still think you will need an "image farm"?

Perhaps, but that isn't something we have to worry about right now, now
do we? When the time comes it will be addresed.
(note: another reason we want to document the process)

Besides, all i wanted was a simple answer to a simple question and i've
gotten it (at least someone answered my question directly =P)

This is something that will be dealt with when it's time and when ALFS
has something usable, lets start coding/document/getting a standard done
then talking about how it *is* done.
(btw DMA/66-100 is bs, the drives can still run at 33)

> Unless we can find that magic single image that supports all systems, this is
> the *only* way?

It's not the only way.

> Just a point of procedure here... the engineer in me coming out. BTW, you know
> the definition of an engineer?

Are you telling me it takes an engineer to create a bootdisk?!?

Yes, and i plan on creating something better then just a slackware or RH
bootdisk, there are always more then on way of doing something, i'm
taking a different way...

> > There would be no Linux... Unix is about a choice.
> Gnu is Not Unix...

*shrugs* GNU would not exist if it were not for Unix, GNU is based on
UNIX and i never said GNU is Unix, i said Unix is about a choice.

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